DIY Acrylic Nano Aquarium

DIY Acrylic Nano Aquarium   Ordinary size aquariums are fun and cool to watch but sometimes we just don’t have the space and time to put in ordinary size aquariums. Maintaining big sized aquariums can be everyday job, changing the water and getting water parameters right for specific fish can be exhausting. Taking care of […]

Mandala Trough Time

Many cultures around the world use mandalas in their spiritual and traditional practices, and it has become popular in recent time to reference these objects in a more contemporary way. Some people choose to look towards ancient practices when selecting a meaningful tattoo, while others simply strive to improve quality of life by implementing meditative […]

Guy Attaches His DIY 1000W LED Strip to a Drone, Captures Amazing Shots

<iframe width=”567″ height=”319″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Back in November of 2015, filmmaker Daniel Riley created what he dubbed “the world’s brightest flashlight”: a DIY 1000W LED panel that pumped out an insane 90000 lumens of light. This week, he took his invention to the skies. First, Riley upgraded his ‘flashlight’—which is more of an LED […]