DIY Acrylic Nano Aquarium

DIY Acrylic Nano Aquarium


Ordinary size aquariums are fun and cool to watch but sometimes we just don’t have the space and time to put in ordinary size aquariums. Maintaining big sized aquariums can be everyday job, changing the water and getting water parameters right for specific fish can be exhausting. Taking care of the plants can be challenge too especially if we don’t know how much light does plants need and what water parameters are ok for them.

But with Acrylic nano tanks there is smaller responsibilities and smaller problems that can occur. Changing water of this type of aquariums is as easy as filling the cup of tea. And maintaining only 1 or two baby plants is never a problem. If you decide to have a snail as a pet in the aquarium then feeding in couple of days is required, or once a day in miniature amounts for a baby guppy fish.

How to make an acrylic aquarium at home

To start making the aquarium all what you need is 5 acrylic pieces, 4 as sides and 1 as bottom, 1 superglue that you are not going to use even a third of it and patience. For the decoration for the aquarium you can use stones from fish store or any that you can find outside on the ground. Plants and fish and invertebrates can be ordered online or bought in pet or fish store.


  • Acrylic sides
  • Superglue
  • Bottom substrate
  • Decorations
  • Plant and snail fish or invertebrates are optional and personal choice.


  1. First apply glue to the sides and then glue them together:1inpost
  2. Glue all of the sides together.2inpost
  3. Third step is just to glue all 4 sides to the bottom piece.cute small acrylic aquarium
  4. Add the substrate on the bottom, Add some decorations and plants.
  5. Finally fill it up with water and wait for everything to settle acrylic nano tank


After a day or two you can add a snail, or a fish for display.

cute small acrylic aquarium 2

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