Mysterious Giant Snowballs Rolls Into Siberia

Mysterious Giant Snowballs Rolls Into Siberia   Giant frozen orbs recently appeared along an 11-mile stretch of Siberian coastline. The largest of the naturally formed snowballs measured nearly 3 feet across, according to Russian news reports. This frosty phenomenon is connected to ongoing weather events that could bring heavier snowfall in parts of North America […]

Deadly Lake Under the Sea Discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

Scientists have discovered a ‘lake’ in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone, who enters this pool at the bottom of the sea will suffer horribly. Erik Cordes, associate professor of biology at Temple University, has researched the pool and described his findings in the journal Oceanography. “It was one of the most amazing things in the […]

This Time-Lapse Shows the Power and Beauty of Monsoons in Arizona

Storm and wedding photographer Mike Olbinski of Phoenix, Arizona, is back again with another incredible time-lapse project that shows summer monsoon season covering landscapes with rain, lightning, and dust. The 8-minute video above is titled “Monsoon III.” Olbinski spent a total of 36 days chasing storms for this project, shooting over 85,000 photos over that […]